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Das Aqara Ceiling Light bietet eine anpassbare Beleuchtung mit einem Farbspektrum von 2700K bis 6500K und einer zusätzlichen Seitenbeleuchtung mit über 16 Millionen Farben. Mit einem hohen CRI über 90 unterstützt es naturgetreue Farbwiedergabe und ist kompatibel mit gängigen Smart-Home-Systemen.
Article no.: AQA-CEIL-T1M
incl. tax plus shipping costs
Available immediately
15 piece
· 1 - 3 working days
Available from the manufacturer
3 piece ·
2 - 5 working days
- bringt klassische dimmbare Leuchten per Funk in das Smart Home
- einfaches Nachrüsten für bestehende Schalterprogramme
- hohe Reichweite durch Signal­verstärker
- Dimmen von Lasten per Phasenabschnitt
Article no.: KOBOLD
incl. tax plus shipping costs
Available immediately
8 piece
· 1 - 3 working days
Der Aeotec Range Extender Zi optimiert Zigbee-basierte Smart Homes durch eine erweiterte Signalreichweite von bis zu 100m, einfache Plug-and-Play Installation in Standardsteckdosen und volle Zigbee 3.0 Kompatibilität. Er ist energieeffizient und wurde für verbesserte Netzwerkstabilität konzipiert.
Article no.: AEO-RANGE-XZ
incl. tax plus shipping costs
Available immediately
1 piece
· 1 - 3 working days
• einfaches Anlernen: Sender und Empfänger verbinden sich fast von alleine
• max. Schaltleistung 2.000W
• Anschluss 230V / 50Hz
• inkl. Kinderschutz
• IP20 - für Innen
• LED Funktionsanzeige für An / Aus und Anlernfunktion
• Frequenz 433,92 MHz + WLAN
Article no.: T1534959

Smart Home Repeater: Increase the range in your smart home

Smart home repeaters reliably increase the range of your smart home devices. You want to control your smart home water detector placed in the basement via a smart bridge on the first floor, but the signal is too weak? No problem! If you live in a spacious house and there are relatively long distances between your smart home modules, you can simply use a smart home repeater. This compact device amplifies the radio signal and enables smooth communication between the various smart home devices. In addition, the use of a smart home repeater brings the advantage that you can also use your smartphone or tablet in any area of the house for control.

How a Smart Home Repeater works

The way a smart home repeater works is quite simple. As a rule, the wireless bridge only needs to be plugged into a power outlet and installed. The device then effectively amplifies the radio signals by picking them up, processing them and then passing them on to the right smart home module. By the way, with most models, you can continue to use the outlet that houses the repeater for other electrical devices, because often the compact amplifiers are intermediate plugs. For the configuration and control of the repeater, the manufacturer's own app is usually used, which you can download for free.

Smart home repeaters: What you should consider before buying one

Smart repeaters have the task of amplifying the radio signals in your automated home. However, even though more and more repeaters convince with a considerable range, every device reaches its limits at some point. Before you buy a new repeater, you should therefore read the product description to find out what distance the product can cover without any problems. You should also note that most repeaters are designed for smart home systems that communicate via WLAN. Smart repeaters for other wireless standards such as ZigBee or Z-Wave also exist, but such devices are not (yet) very widespread. If you are using a smart home network that does not use a WLAN connection, you should find out whether a new repeater is compatible with your smart home modules before buying one. Speaking of compatibility, many smart home repeaters only work with other smart devices from the same manufacturer. Whether this also applies to the product you favor or whether cross-manufacturer use is possible can be found in the respective item description.

Order Smart Home Repeater online: Berrybase has what you need

No matter if you want to integrate a smart radiator thermostat, a window sensor, a surveillance camera, a smoke detector or a water detector into your smart home: A sufficiently strong radio signal is the only way to ensure that the devices can interact with each other. Fortunately, you can find high-quality equipment in Berrybase's online range that can be used to establish interference-free communication in your smart home network. The inexpensive Comfort Wireless Wifi Bridge from smart home expert McPower, for example, not only scores with a high range of up to 50 meters (in the free field), but also ensures automatic alignment of the different frequencies to avoid overlaps.


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