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Frahling sensors

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Das SparkFun micro:climate Kit für micro:bit v3.0 ist ein umfassendes Wetterstation-Kit, das Qwiic-fähig ist und Wetterinstrumente sowie einen Bodenfeuchtigkeitssensor umfasst. Ideal für Landwirte, Meteorologen und Hobbyisten, erfordert es kein Löten und ermöglicht die Wetterüberwachung über drahtlose Kommunikation.
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Smart Home Weather Sensors

Smart home frahling sensors can make your life a lot easier: Imagine the weather suddenly changes, a storm comes up. The awning at home is fully extended. And you're sitting in the office, pressed for time, busy with urgent projects. Driving home? Not an option. You are on vacation and want to prevent the interior of your apartment from heating up unnecessarily? It's winter - icy cold outside, perfectly warm inside. And yet you need to air it out occasionally to prevent mold growth. The only question is: How can this be done without stress? These are just three of many everyday scenarios where smart home frahling sensors come into play and provide solutions that you can use immediately. No matter where you are.

What do frahling sensors do?

Who doesn't know them, the classic weather stations of past generations with their rather meager basic equipment of hygro- and barometer. But a lot has changed since those days: the frahling sensors of the Homematic IP basic series record outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed, brightness and sunshine duration. Sensors of the plus or pro series also provide information about the respective wind direction, precipitation sensors also determine the duration of rain and the expected amount of rain. These different values provide a much more precise picture of the weather on site than is possible with the usual weather forecasts or weather apps. Beyond the purely informational level, smart home frahling sensors also bring numerous tangible practical benefits into play through their integration into a smart home system:

In conjunction with a smart home system.

Via an app, all values recorded by the frahling sensors can be tracked in real time via smartphone. Depending on your needs, you can make short-term changes to your smart home system or program regular actions according to schedule. It doesn't matter whether you are at home or on the road, in the office or on vacation. For example, as soon as the wind sensor detects strong wind, or the precipitation sensor detects the onset of rain or even snow, you can retract the awnings or raise the shutters. The temperature and humidity sensors document the current weather conditions outside and thus support optimal ventilation or dehumidification control, so that a comfortable indoor climate is ensured at all times. And you no longer have to wake up in the deepest darkness: Thanks to brightness control, the shutters go up just as you wish, and you can let the sun wake you up. In addition to living comfort, the sense of security is also significantly increased: regular changes in blind and awning positions, as well as changing interior lighting, create the impression of a busy house at all times.

What should be considered when buying a Frahlingsensor?

The frahling sensors from Homematic require a wireless connection to an existing Homematic IP smart home system via WLAN, or via a smart home central CCU3 with local user interface WebUI or partner solutions from third-party providers. Thanks to the wireless connection and battery operation, the various sensors can be flexibly positioned in the house and garden as desired.


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