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Mit dem Blitzwolf BW-DS04 Sensor erhältst du Zugang zu wichtigen Informationen. Das Gerät überwacht die Temperatur und den Feuchtigkeitsgehalt des Bodens in Echtzeit. Du kannst die Messungen in einer speziellen App überprüfen. Der BW-DS04 zeichnet sich durch seine IP67-Wasserfestigkeit aus und bietet eine zuverlässige Reichweite von bis zu 50 Metern. Der Sensor wird mit 3 AAA-Batterien betrieben (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten).
Article no.: BW-DS04
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Dieses innovative Servogerät ermöglicht die automatische Steuerung von Hebelkugelhähnen über die NOUS Smart Home/Tuya Smart App. Es bietet einfache Integration, Fernsteuerung, ist kompatibel mit dem NOUS/TUYA-Ökosystem und erfordert das Nous E1 ZigBee 3.0 TUYA-Gateway. Ideal für Heimautomation, Gartenbewässerung und Prozessautomatisierung.
Article no.: NOUS-LZ3
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Ein servogesteuertes Gerät zur Verwendung als Stellantrieb eines beliebigen Hebelkugelhahns, das nach der Installation das Öffnen oder Schließen des Hahns aus der Ferne oder automatisch über die beliebte NOUS Smart Home/Tuya Smart App von jedem Ort der Welt aus ermöglicht.
Article no.: NOUS-L3
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Steuern Sie über Bluetooth, wann ihre Gartenpflanzen mit Wasser versorgt werden sollen!
Article no.: NOUS-L11
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Smart Home Garden Watering - Convenient and Economical

Successful smart garden watering is key to lush plant growth and a bountiful harvest. But watering can be a challenge, considering that plants' water needs depend on various factors. But did you know there's a smart solution to optimise your garden watering? A smart home garden watering system is not only a convenient option, but also a sustainable solution to reduce water consumption and keep your plants in top shape. With an automated watering system that automatically measures and regulates your plants' water needs, you can create a healthy garden environment and save water at the same time.

Let the benefits of smart garden irrigation convince you

A smart home garden watering system offers many benefits that a traditional garden watering system cannot. From more efficient watering to convenient control, there are many reasons why a smart garden watering system is a worthwhile investment. Here are some of the key benefits of smart home garden irrigation:

- Efficient watering

- Water savings

- Automatic control

- Time saving

- Convenience

- Plants stay healthy and thrive better

- Reduces water demand

- Can extend the life of plants

- Can better adjust plant needs

- Can be controlled from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Smart Home Garden Watering - Saves Time

A smart garden watering system is totally practical as you can control it from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. You can create watering schedules, set up watering zones and activate or deactivate watering remotely. This saves you time and allows for easy and time-saving planning.

Finally healthy plants through smart irrigation

Thanks to sensors and intelligent algorithms, smart garden irrigation can also help your plants be healthier. It ensures even and consistent watering to avoid plants getting too much or too little water. Smart garden watering systems also offer increased safety by controlling access to water sources in the garden and automatically shutting off when water consumption is abnormal.

Smart Home Garden Watering - Saves Water

Automated garden watering can save water. Compared to manual watering, it is often more difficult to determine the right amount of water the garden needs to thrive optimally. However, with automated irrigation, the amount of water used can be controlled more precisely. Some automated garden watering systems are equipped with sensors that measure soil moisture and only turn on irrigation when the soil is dry. This can help to avoid unnecessary watering and thus save water.

In addition, automated garden irrigation can also help reduce water waste by targeting water evenly to plants without wasting water where it is not needed.

How much water is needed for garden irrigation?

The amount of water required for smart home garden irrigation also depends on various factors such as the size of the garden, the type of plants, the soil conditions and the climate in the region. However, there are various smart irrigation systems that can optimise water consumption by measuring the water requirements of the plants and adjusting the irrigation system accordingly. As a rule, you can expect 20 to 25 litres of water per square metre per week for automatic garden irrigation, including rainfall. As a rule of thumb, most plants in a garden need about 2.5 cm of water per week. However, it is important to note that the exact amount of water needed for a Smart Home Garden watering system can vary depending on the system and settings.

Smart Home Garden Watering

For a Smart Home Garden watering system, some devices rely on a base station to function. To establish a connection between the devices and the base station, a WLAN connection is required. In some cases, devices need to be connected to the base station by cable, especially valve boxes. Devices that control the water flow, on the other hand, are connected to the base station via radio or Bluetooth. To make sure everything works smoothly and to ensure optimal compatibility, it is advisable to choose one brand and use it for the gradual expansion of the Smart Home irrigation system. This way, you can ensure that all devices communicate smoothly with each other and provide consistent control.

It is also important to note that existing conventional hoses can be used with a smart irrigation system if they have the correct connection. So, if you're concerned about buying a new hose, it's important to check that your existing hose is compatible with your chosen smart home irrigation system.

Overall, smart home garden irrigation offers numerous benefits, from more efficient watering to time and energy savings. However, if you are considering a smart home irrigation system, make sure you have all the necessary equipment and accessories and that they can communicate smoothly with each other. With the right planning and equipment, you can ensure that your smart home irrigation system works optimally and keeps your plants healthy and happy.

How does smart garden irrigation work?

A smart home garden watering system works by integrating sensors that measure the moisture content of the soil. The data is relayed to a control unit that activates or deactivates the irrigation system to meet the needs of the plants. Installation is simple and can be done without a professional. Control is via an app that allows you to manually control or set schedules for automatic watering collection. Overall, smart garden irrigation offers many benefits, including efficient watering, water savings and convenience.

What do I need for automatic garden watering?

For an automatic garden watering system, you basically need the following:

- A water source such as a tap, rain barrel or well.

- An irrigation system such as drip irrigation, sprinklers, or micro-sprinklers.

- A timer to control the system automatically.

- Sensors such as soil moisture sensors and rain sensors.

- Connectors such as hoses and pipes.

- Possibly a pump if the water source does not have sufficient pressure.

- A power source to supply power to the timer and sensors.

Depending on the scale and needs, other components may be necessary.

Invest in a smart home garden watering system and experience the many benefits it offers. With convenient control, more efficient watering, and time and energy savings, a smart garden watering system can take your garden to the next level. Invest today and keep your plants healthy and happy!


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