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USB 300 ist ein USB-Gateway, das PCs, Haushaltsgeräte, DSL-Boxes und andere USB-Mastergeräte mit batterielosen Funkgeräten von EnOcean verbindet.

USB 300 ist mit einem TCM 300-Gatewaymodul bestückt. Es bietet bidirektionale EnOcean-Funkkommunikation und eine bidirektionale Schnittstelle via USB. Funksignale werden über einen extern verbundenen USB-Host gesendet und empfangen.
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EnOcean: The wireless standard for your smart home

The innovative EnOcean wireless standard has undoubtedly taken the IoT world to a new level, because thanks to this cutting-edge technology, all your devices are powered without batteries or cables. This makes EnOcean not only incredibly practical, but also ecologically sustainable. The wireless modules are already in use in more than 2.5 million households. The efficient gadgets are proving to be a real game changer, especially in the smart home sector.

Would you like to equip your own automated home with EnOcean products? At Berrybase you can buy the innovative products with wireless control online.


EnOcean: These products are particularly popular

If you want to buy smart home modules with EnOcean standard for your own home, you will find out: The range is huge. There is a suitable module with the practical wireless standard for quite a few areas of application in the home.

One of the most popular products is the EnOcean switch. It is easily mounted on a device box or on a flat surface by screwing or gluing. Afterwards, you can easily control your lights or blinds via the wireless pushbutton, whereby the required energy is produced with the help of piezoelectricity. An external power supply is therefore not necessary. The module is available with single or double rocker and with or without matching frame.

In addition, the EnOcean portfolio also includes various kinetic switches that also rely on the wireless standard. Each switch module operates self-sufficiently in terms of energy, which means that batteries and cables are not required for this product either. The modules are used primarily for central on/off switches, switch/actuator sets and changeover circuits.

The EnOcean door and window contact has also proven to be a popular smart home component. The module with wireless sensor reliably detects whether a door or window is open or closed and responds automatically. If you're away from home and rain unexpectedly sets in or an intruder tries to gain access, you'll appreciate the EnOcean product - especially since it's easy to install. The compact module can be attached to door frames, cabinet doors or windows in no time at all. A double-sided adhesive strip serves as an aid.

Top: The door and window contact gets its energy from solar cells, but even if it is dark for several days in a row, the device performs its function flawlessly.

You want to make your household appliances "smart" and control roller blinds, air conditioning, heating and the like via smartphone? In this case, an EnOcean actuator is a good choice. It receives signals from the respective control unit and converts them into the desired operation.

If you have set up a smart home system with various automated components, an EnOcean gateway is also recommended. This acts as the control center of your network and allows you to conveniently monitor and operate all your devices via an encrypted wireless connection. This is done via an IP network server or via a local Internet connection.

To use the EnOcean gateway, all you need to do is pair all your sensors. The installation is done via the device's own display, takes only a few minutes and can be done without problems even by technical laymen. The module is compatible with window contacts, pressure switches, humidity, light, gas and temperature sensors as well as automated meter readers.


EnOcean: State-of-the-art smart home systems with radio control.

Products equipped with EnOcean technology don't need batteries or a wired connection to work. Wondering how that's supposed to work? The principle is actually quite simple: the wireless modules recycle energy produced by vibrational movements in their immediate environment, and sometimes by light or temperature fluctuations. During this process, which is also known as "energy harvesting" in technical jargon, microscopic dipoles are formed between which a voltage builds up. A pleasant side effect of this process is a particularly high energy efficiency, which in turn protects the environment and ultimately your wallet. In addition, the interoperability of the technology means that components from different manufacturers can be linked together or flexibly expanded with individual add-on modules. The only prerequisite is that the respective device is EnOcean-compatible. So if you want to equip your home perfectly in terms of building automation or realize certain projects in the field of IoT, products with EnOcean wireless control are the ideal choice.


About EnOcean: What's behind the wireless standard?

As the inventor of the standard of the same name, EnOcean GmbH, founded in 2001, has made a real name for itself in the technology industry. The enterprise was lifted with the help of venture capital of the Siemens AG from the baptism and has today its seat in the Bavarian Oberhaching. To continuously develop EnOcean technology, the EnOcean Alliance was founded in 2008, a non-profit organization to which more than 400 companies belong. Products equipped with the EnOcean standard are used primarily in the "smart home" and "smart space" sectors.


EnOcean: You can buy these smart home components online at Berrybase

If you are looking for EnOcean-compatible modules for your smart home, you should definitely browse our online store. Berrybase's wide range of products is sure to have just the component you have in mind.

  • Thermostats: No matter if you want to control a classic heating system or underfloor heating: Wireless thermostats with the EnOcean standard are ideal for regulating the temperature and can be integrated into your smart home system in no time. In addition, many models can also be controlled via a smartphone app. In this way, automated routines can also be created. For example, you can have the heating switch on automatically when a certain room temperature is reached. Manufacturers of wireless thermostats include R-Tronic, Micropelt and Eltako.
  • Sockets: Powerful sockets with the EnOcean standard are the perfect addition to your automated home. Most modules can handle currents of up to 16 A and an output of up to 1500 W, making them particularly flexible to use. The smart sockets can be used to control lighting systems and electric heaters as well as any other electrical device. The plug is simply inserted into an existing socket and then connected to the desired device. One of the most renowned specialists for EnOcean sockets is the manufacturer NodOn.
  • Light switches: When it comes to light switches, too, the motto is: No more tangled cables! Modules with the EnOcean standard are a practical alternative if you want to make your switches smart. Simply turn your ceiling lights or lamps on and off via app, use the convenient dimming function or create automated routines tailored to your personal habits. Some of the most common brands that offer EnOcean-compatible light switches include Legrand and Weloom.
  • Smoke detectors: Reliable protection in terms of fire and smoke should always be guaranteed, even and especially in private homes. It is all the more practical that many smoke detectors are now equipped with the EnOcean wireless standard. Because wireless communication makes annoying battery changes a thing of the past. Manufacturers such as Afriso or Nexelec are at the forefront in this area.
  • Surveillance cameras: To protect yourself against uninvited guests, an effective security system for your own four walls is indispensable. In this context, we recommend a high-resolution surveillance camera with EnOcean wireless signal and integrated motion sensor. In combination with other components such as door and window contacts, these ensure that you can feel safe and secure in your home. Conveniently, many of these smart cameras can even be controlled via app. The manufacturer Eltako has earned a particularly strong reputation in this area.


Application of EnOcean: Examples

The areas of application in which products with the EnOcean wireless signal are used are extremely diverse. Both in private households and in commercial buildings, the advantages of the wireless standard come into play.

  • Smart Home: With EnOcean-compatible sockets, switches, buttons, thermostats or cameras, you can create an automated, intelligent home with little effort. Thanks to the simple installation, retrofitting the respective device is also no problem. At the same time, EnOcean proves to be extremely flexible: the interoperability of the wireless standard means that you can easily use devices from different manufacturers when setting up your smart home system. In addition, the living comfort within your own four walls is also increased, because with EnOcean your smart home devices can be conveniently controlled remotely, i.e. via smartphone app or even by voice command. Especially with regard to lighting ("Smart Lighting"), this option can bring great added value. In addition, individual routines can be configured via the corresponding smartphone app so that, for example, the lighting is automatically activated from a certain brightness. The result is a significant increase in energy efficiency and a concomitant reduction in electricity costs. And that is by no means the end of the story. Because products with the EnOcean wireless signal are also predestined for the area of "ambient assisted living". Individual precautions, such as fall sensors on the stairs or motion sensors in the mattress, but also the remote control of household or electrical appliances described above can be an enormous help in everyday life for seniors and their relatives.
  • Smart Spaces: Smart Spaces go far beyond the spectrum of a smart home. EnOcean-compatible motion and vibration sensors in Smart Spaces can be used, for example, to record exactly how many people are in a particular room and how they use the energy in that room. This can be particularly beneficial in commercial spaces, as continuous analysis of energy consumption can provide a working environment that is tailored precisely to the individual needs of the workforce, for example in terms of lighting, heating and ventilation. This not only significantly increases comfort in the workplace, but also energy efficiency, because actuators with EnOcean standard can quickly and easily execute adequate control commands based on the data obtained. Furthermore, sensors with the EnOcean standard are perfect for enabling more flexible workstation assignment in offices - the keyword here is "hotdesking". In this form of organization, a company's employees no longer have a fixed desk, but occupy the space that is currently available. But EnOcean-compatible modules can be used to create needs-based digital solutions not only for individual rooms or departments, but also for entire buildings. Consequently, in this case we speak of "smart buildings". Whether it is a commercial or a privately used building is irrelevant.


These advantages are offered by EnOcean products in the smart home sector.

Products with the EnOcean bring a whole series of attractive advantages. For one thing, the use of the radio signal significantly reduces electrosmog in your apartment or house, which means you're doing your health a big favor. In addition, the installation of the various smart home modules - compared to many other electronic products - is surprisingly simple and usually requires no in-depth skills. This means you don't have to have a professional install the devices and save unnecessary costs.

Speaking of which, the modules themselves cost relatively little in many cases, making them quite affordable even for users with a rather low budget. Many of the products you'll find in Berrybase's online store are priced below the 50-euro mark - including the EnOcean gateways.

In addition, you benefit from the fact that the number of EnOcean-compatible devices is very large. This makes you flexible in your actions and offers you a number of options for your individual building automation. This also makes the planning and implementation of your automated home much easier.

Last but not least, EnOcean's radio signals are extremely reliable. In closed rooms the range is about 30 meters, outdoors even up to 300 meters are possible.

Apart from EnOcean, there are of course other wireless standards that are relevant in the field of building automation. The following table shows you where the most important differences are:









Quantity manufacturer

> 350

> 230

> 600

Frequency (in Europe)

868 MHz

2,4 GHz

868 MHz

Data rates

up to 125 Kbit/s

up to 250 Kbit/s

up to 100 Kbit/s

Indoor range

30 meters

10–20 meters

30–40 meters

Biggest advantages

High energy efficiency, long range, no batteries or cables needed, no maintenance required

High energy efficiency, flexibly expandable, intuitive operability

High energy efficiency, low susceptibility to interference, long range

Manufacturer-independent radio system?





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