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Der Aqara Water Leak Sensor ist ein Gerät, mit dem du jedes Wasserleck aufspüren kannst. Im Falle eines Lecks oder einer Überschwemmung zeigt die Anwendung eine Warnung an. Das Gerät kann über den Aqara Hub mit anderen Geräten kommunizieren. Wird ein Leck entdeckt, sendet Aqara Hub eine Warnung an dein Smartphone. Wenn der Sensor mit einem Magnetventil verbunden ist, kann das Wasser bei einem Leck automatisch abgestellt werden. Das Produkt kann überall platziert oder befestigt werden, ohne dass eine Verkabelung erforderlich ist.
Article no.: AQA-Water1
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70 piece
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Der Shelly Flood erkennt Feuchtigkeit / Wasser und verfügt über einen eingebauten Temperatursensor. Der Sensor kann zum Beispiel zur Überwachung von Haushaltsgeräten wie Waschmaschinen und Geschirrspüler eingesetzt werden.
Article no.: SHEL-FLOOD
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Der Aeotec Water Leak Sensor erkennt frühzeitig Wasseraustritte und ermöglicht schnelle Gegenmaßnahmen. Der Sensor bietet Wasser- und Feuchtigkeitserkennung oben und unten, Benachrichtigungen über SmartThings App, kompaktes Design und die fortschrittliche Zigbee 3.0 Kommunikationstechnologie.
Article no.: AEO-SEN-WAZ
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5 piece
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Mit dem Xiaomi Plant Sensor kannst du dich noch besser und effizienter um deine Pflanzen kümmern. Es ist ganz einfach: Du musst nur deine Pflanze in der Datenbank nachschlagen. Mit ein paar Schritten wählst du deine Pflanze aus der großen Sammlung von 6.000 Pflanzen aus und steckst dann den Pflanzensensor in den Boden der Pflanze. 

Über einen Bluetooth-Sensor und die App erfährst du sofort, was du tun kannst, um deine Pflanze zu pflegen. Der Xiaomi Plant Sensor nutzt die vier eingebauten Sensoren, um alle Bedürfnisse deiner Pflanzen und Blumen genau anzuzeigen.
Article no.: XI-YTC4008RT
Der NOUS E4 ist ein drahtloser Wasserlecksensor, der effektiv Überschwemmungen in Räumen erkennt. Kompatibel mit dem NOUS E1 ZigBee 3.0 TUYA-Gateway, bietet er zuverlässige Alarmierung bei Wasserkontakt und ist durch seine IP66-Zertifizierung vor Staub und Wasser geschützt. Klein und batteriebetrieben, eignet er sich ideal für schwierige Stellen.
Article no.: NOUS-E4

Smart Home Water Detectors: That's why it's worth buying

Water detectors detect moisture before it is too late. Even a small defect in the washing machine or dishwasher can lead to moisture escaping from the appliance and a huge puddle forming in your beloved home. Such a scenario should be avoided for several reasons. Not only is mopping up the puddle extremely inconvenient and time-consuming. Water damage also promotes the development of mould - especially if the moisture is not completely removed. Eliminating the resulting damage can cost quite a bit of money.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should rely on a Smart Home water detector. The module can be configured in no time at all and is ideally suited to effectively prevent serious water damage or to quickly take countermeasures.

How does a smart water detector work?

The functionality of a smart water detector is very simple and quickly explained. Every water detector is equipped with a sensor that continuously monitors the electrical conductivity of its environment. Since water basically has a very good electrical conductivity and offers very little resistance, your smart water detector has no problem detecting moisture immediately. As soon as the measured resistance and electrical conductivity change, the device sends out an acoustic alarm signal and also sends you a push message to your smartphone or tablet. In this way, you can quickly initiate appropriate measures and prevent serious water damage.

A smart water detector is usually operated via the manufacturer's own app, which you can usually download free of charge. In some cases, control via voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is even possible, which significantly increases the convenience of control.

Practical: A Smart Home water detector is very easy to set up - without wiring or other complex preparatory measures. Help from a professional is therefore not required. If the water sensor can be used without a central control unit, you only need to connect the device to the mains or equip it with the appropriate batteries to be able to use it. Of course, the latter gives you additional flexibility, as you can place the smart water detector wherever you want in this case.

If you want to integrate the gadget into an existing system, further steps may be necessary, as the entire network is often managed via a central control unit. But even in this case, the effort is limited.

Where are smart water detectors used?

With household appliances that directly access a water connection, there is always a potential risk of moisture escaping as a result of a defect. Such a mishap happens particularly often with washing machines, of course, but dishwashers can also leak. For this reason, you should place your smart water detector in all rooms where such a device is located, for example in the bathroom or kitchen. Furthermore, a water detector can also be advisable in the basement. This is because there may be a risk of water entering during extreme rainfall.

Smart Home Water Detector: What should be considered when buying?

Most smart home devices communicate via radio - and this is no different with a smart water detector. They often use a classic WLAN connection or ZigBee. If you want to integrate the respective device into an existing Smart Home network, you should make sure that it uses the same radio standard as the other modules, otherwise there may be no compatibility. In this case, it is best to simply use Smart Home products from the same manufacturer. Tip: The Homematic IP water sensor, a smart water detector that also communicates via WLAN, can be wonderfully combined with the Homematic IP alarm siren. You can place this anywhere in your four walls, which means that you will be informed by another alarm signal in the event of an emergency.

You should also bear in mind that smart water detectors have a limited range. You can usually find a corresponding specification in the data sheet of the respective product.

Smart Home Water Detectors buy cheap online: Berrybase is the ideal place to go

If you decide to add a water detector to your automated home, Berrybase is the place to go. In our online shop, you'll find high-quality moisture sensors from experienced smart home specialists like Shelly, Homematic IP or InLine. And the best thing is: All of our products can be ordered at an affordable price. If you have any questions about our innovative products, our friendly and competent service team will be happy to help you.


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