Google Nest Produkte für dein Smart Home exklusiv in der BerryBase. Natürlich haben wir auch Google AIY Produkte für Makerinnen und Maker im Angebot!

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Der Chromecast mit Google TV bietet dir Streaming in HD-Qualität und zeigt dir Filme und Serien aus Ihren Streamingdiensten auf einem einzigen Startbildschirm an. Mit den personalisierten Empfehlungen findest du genau das, was dir gefällt.
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Mit dem AIY Voice Kit von Google können Sie ihr eigenes Spracherkennungs-System mithilfe des Google Assistants bauen, oder Spracherkennung und Sprachverarbeitung zu ihrem Raspberry-Pi-basierten Projekt hinzufügen. Ein perfekter Einstieg in die Raspberry Pi- und Makerwelt - und eine einfache Möglichkeit, erste Erfahrungen mit KI zu sammeln.
Article no.: RPI-AIY-VOICE
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Mit Nest Wifi hast du in deinem Zuhause schnelles und zuverlässiges WLAN - für weniger Ladebalken und mehr von dem, was du willst.
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Nest Cam ist witterungsbeständig und akkubetrieben. Sie passt deshalb so gut wie überall hin - ins Wohnzimmer oder in den Garten. Nest Cam kann sogar Personen und Fahrzeuge unterscheiden, sodass du genau die Benachrichtigungen einrichten kannst, die du brauchst.
Article no.: 193575008165
Mit Nest Wifi hast du in deinem Zuhause schnelles und zuverlässiges WLAN - für weniger Ladebalken und mehr von dem, was du willst.
Article no.: 193575001975

Google Nest: Smart Home Systems at the highest level

With the smart home modules from Google Nest, you don't just get to enjoy limitless comfort and great sound quality. The intelligent systems also prove to be reliable everyday helpers and are therefore the ideal addition to your individual smart home network. Tip: In Berrybase's online store, you can easily order the Google Nest Mini and other modules for your own smart home system online.

Smart entertainment - with the innovative products from Google Nest

Google Nest offers smart home products for a wide range of applications. One of the most popular modules developed by the brand is the second generation of the Google Nest Mini. The smart speaker not only impresses with a powerful, clean sound with ingenious bass, but it can also be operated very easily via Google Assistant. This means you'll never have to get up from the couch again if you want to listen to your favorite music or podcast. With a simple "Ok Google", the Google Nest Mini is put on standby and plays any track via Spotify or YouTube Music on demand. The volume can also be controlled via voice command.

In addition, the Google Nest Mini offers many other functions. You can use the smart speaker to operate automated lamps, thermostats or locking systems - also conveniently via voice control. The module is compatible with many smart home products, including those developed by other manufacturers. Thanks to this flexibility, the Google Nest Mini turns out to be an enormous relief in everyday life.

Practical: You can also ask the smart speaker for the latest news, weather forecasts or traffic information. The Google Nest Mini has the right answer for everything. The system also offers a calendar function that allows you to keep track of all your appointments at all times. Thus, the functional range of the Google Nest Mini (2nd gen) goes far beyond what other speakers offer.

In addition, the module can be easily transported due to its compactness. Thus, you can use the Google Nest Mini wherever it is needed. Thanks to the corresponding devices, the product can also be attached to the wall with little effort. Visually, the stylish textile cover is a particularly appealing touch. This is available in four different colors (black, gray, orange, light blue) and is made from recycled plastic bottles. The latter factor is particularly important, because the sustainable use of resources should be a high priority in times of ecological crises.

Google Nest Audio: First-class sound quality with rich basses

The Google Nest Audio is also an excellent solution if you want to get yourself a smart speaker. Like the Google Nest Mini, the high-quality gadget can be easily controlled via voice command and thus offers an incomparably pleasant comfort in the daily routine. The sound is characterized by an excellent clarity and rich bass and thus meets even the highest demands. Especially when you pair the speaker with stereo, the entire quality of the module comes into play. At the same time, the Google Nest Audio is relatively inexpensive and thus a welcome prey for every thrifty person.

Google Nest Hub: The all-rounder among the smart home modules

The brand does not only deliver top products in terms of smart speakers. Thanks to its versatility, the Google Nest Hub is a real jack-of-all-trades. On the one hand, the smart module with monitor is ideal as a control center for your individual smart home system. Like the Google Nest Mini, the Google Nest Hub can control thousands of automated products, including lamps, cameras and consumer electronics. On the other hand, the compact device provides all conceivable information about traffic, weather and other areas and also functions as a personal appointment calendar. The gadget can be operated via the touchscreen or Google Assistant.

But the Google Nest Hub not only cuts a fine figure as a central dashboard for your smart home network, it can also be used as a digital picture frame. With its highly aesthetic look, the module adds a very special touch to any living room.

Arrow-fast WLAN in your own four walls - with Google Nest Wifi

Would you like to have access to fast and reliable WLAN in your home at all times? Google Nest Wifi makes this wish come true! The innovative WLAN router in combination with a Nest Wifi access point not only ensures a fast Internet connection, but also an extremely large range - regardless of the size of your apartment or house. This gives the module a decisive advantage over classic WLAN routers and mesh repeaters. Another practical feature is that you can control your Wi-Fi network with the Google Home app. For example, you can share the Wi-Fi password with your guests or manage parental control settings. The Wi-Fi access points are even equipped with an integrated speaker that plays music and podcasts via your favorite streaming service after the corresponding configuration.

Google Nest scores with easy configuration

Even if you don't consider yourself a pro when it comes to technology, you won't have any problems configuring the Google Nest Hub, Google Nest Mini and other gadgets from the brand. The setup takes only a few minutes and doesn't require any in-depth skills. As a rule, only a few steps are required. First, the respective device is connected to the power supply before you open the Google Home app and activate the Bluetooth function and the GPS location on your smartphone. Finally, select the "+" symbol and press "Set up device". The app will then guide you through the rest of the process.

The Google Nest Wifi router can also be configured quickly and easily. First, you simply connect it to your provider's modem. You can use a conventional Ethernet cable for this. The router should also be connected to a power source. After about a minute, the module is ready for installation. In the meantime, download the Google Home app to your smartphone and open it. Tap on the "+" symbol, press "Set up device" and complete the configuration process.

Want to link your Google Nest Mini (2nd gen) to Spotify, YouTube Music or other streaming services? In this case, simply open the Google Home app and press the "+" symbol in the upper left corner. Then navigate to "Add services" and tap on "Music". Select "Spotify" or another streaming service of your choice and then press "Add account". Now you only have to sign in or register if you don't have an account yet. By the way: In the case of Spotify, you do not even need a premium account.

Google Nest: What's behind the brand

Nest is a technology company from the US state of California, which is dedicated to the field of automation. The renowned company, which today employs well over 1000 people, began developing smart thermostats in 2010. In the meantime, the product range also includes various other smart products for private households and the area of security. In 2016, tech giant Google took over the company and merged it with its own smart home brand Google Home. Since then, the brand operates under the name "Google Nest" and inspires the tech community with innovative smart home modules that are continuously developed further.


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